Oliland News

4.29.08 by Cypy

The castle of Oliland is in progress of being built and it doesn’t look much like a castle at the moment. The King of Oliland is Oliver and everyone should know that (the name practically gives it away). This is what the King has to say about my writing this:

I feel good that my Kingdom is being exposed to the press. I need to get the word out because we have been obscure for the most part (we have 14 citizens). I also have to say that Oliland is good and peaceful (we don’t have any weapons). We do not write normally, we write in pigsty code. Hopefully my squire will translate this speech into the English alphabet.

Oliland is a very interesting place, filled with plants, animals, and two automobiles (leg-powered). We try not to use electricity. Oliland’s garden grows tomatoes, garlics, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, cilantro, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, squash, basil, and an assortment of non-edible flowers.

That’s all.

—Anonymous 9-year-old

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