A Pattern

5.15.09 by Ben + 87 comments!

And I don’t mean like fractals. No, this is a pattern of a more distressing sort.

All the blogs that I have been a part of (2) have ended up ignored and have faded away into obscurity.

Point-in-fact; the last post was made nearly a month ago.

Perhaps the upcoming journalism club will help, but I think that we need a more immediate solution! Unfortunately, I’m all out of ideas (lame, I know). When I think of some, I will be posting them below, and then telling you all at school. You should follow suit.

Dungeons and Discourse

4.15.09 by Ben + 80 comments!

I am going to abuse my position as a contributor and write my second article in one day.

Does anyone remember when I examined the philosophy of Dungeons and Dragons? Well, the internet has one-upped me, and it’s time to get revenge.

What I’m talking about, of course, is the cult hit by Aaron Diaz (in his wonderful comic Dresden Codak) known as Dungeons and Discourse.

The idea is that instead of character classes (such as Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, etc.), characters derive their powers from various Philosophies.

So, in order to properly exact my revenge, I (and if you want to, you) need ideas on how to turn this into a reality and then turn it into a fully-fledged meme.

Here are my Class ideas (each class should have two builds or paths);

And those are the only full ones. Others include;

So, you can help by commenting on which ones you think should be included, which ones shouldn’t, new ideas, or new builds. Wikipedia is your friend!

Second, each class derives powers from their beliefs, and these classes and powers fall into one of four categories; Leaders (who heal friends), Strikers (who do massive damage to one person), Defenders (who are very hard to kill), or Controllers (who do less damage to larger groups of people).

This is also a great place to discuss these different philosophies. I personally am an Existentialist and Atheist, which means that I don’t believe in a power, God, or any form of purpose in the Universe. What do you believe? Leave a comment!

The Ninja/Pirate War

4.15.09 by Ben + 80 comments!

Some of you may be aware that Tim Clark posted a note about great “piratey” things to do. Of course, for die-hard Ninjas (redundant, I know), this was nothing but an open declaration of war.

Petty? Yes. Meme? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

So, without further ado, a list of excellent Ninja things to do, as well as why Ninjas are better than Pirates.

Things to Acquire:

  1. A Ninja Lair (a basement)
  2. Ninja Weapons (for great justice!)
  3. Ninja suits
  4. An enemy to stealthfully follow and assassinate


Actions to Perpetrate:

  1. Stealthy sneaky Ninja plans to take over the world
  2. Follow and Assinate target (apologizing, of course, to friends and family with very classy ninja flowers)
  3. Celebrate with a Ninja party

I do not have a list of reasons as to why Ninjas are better than Pirates, but it will come. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these works of beauty, courtesy of Google and Wizards of the Coast.

Pirate Victory. But only because the Ninja is a plush.


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